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PVC Spring Hose meets water demand

Time:2018-09-01 11:10:34

The fiber reinforced layer is formed by double-sided directional cross-wound molding and then formed by one-step molding. The product has anti-fracture, advanced technology of PVC agricultural water belt. High pressure resistance and low expansion ratio. Radial fibers are added to increase tensile strength. It is resistant to stretching, fracture resistance, high pressure resistance and low expansion ratio. Light and soft, bright color, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance. No odor, environmentally friendly products. When the liquid is transported at a low temperature, it can remain soft and elastic. The company is a professional manufacturer in the plastic hose industry, introducing advanced intelligent production equipment.

The main types of products are PVC plastic coated hoses and high-pressure explosion-proof water hoses. The products are widely used in agriculture, industry, construction engineering and other fields. This PVC hose has many advantages when it is used, and it has good performance when it is used. Our company uses high-quality materials and advanced technology in the production of such products, which is to ensure that their performance is better. There are a lot of fields in the use of pipes, so it is necessary to use the irrigation of garden trees.

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