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PVC Suction Hose manufacturing process

Time:2018-10-06 14:34:12

What are the original idle and removal methods for PVC hose extrusion flexural properties and low temperature resistance performance? Most hoses should be used at low temperatures and should have long-term flexibility.

For ordinary hoses, DOP can be used as the main plasticizer, and combined with DOA, the synergistic effect is better, and the working performance is ideal under low temperature conditions.

Because DOP has good compatibility with PVC, and the plasticizing speed is fast, PVC can maintain good viscosity stability, and its own volatility is small, water resistance is extracted, and low temperature softness is better.

The solidification point of DOA is -60 ° C, and the plasticizing temperature is 121-125 ° C. It can be used to improve the working performance of PVC hose under low temperature conditions.

Hose molding is easier than hard tube, and there is no need to cool the sizing device and the cutting device. Therefore, the mixing process is more important in the molding process, which not only affects the plasticizing effect, but also affects the low temperature toughness.

The mixing process is as follows: firstly, PVC, stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer and filler are put into a high-speed mixer, the mixing temperature is 60-70 ° C, and after stirring for 5-7 min, the mixture is poured into a low-speed mixer and stirred for about 2 min. Add CPENBR and continue to stir for 3 minutes to discharge.

CPE modifiers cannot be added with other additives such as plasticizers. If PVC hoses are added to CPE too early, the oil absorption of CPE will be larger than that of PVC resin, and it will increase quickly. Plasticizers make PVC resin unable to fully absorb plasticizers, which is the key to hose forming.


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