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Advantages of PVC Braided Hose products

Time:2018-12-01 10:43:27

1. In the operation process of PVC hose production equipment, the operator is required not to touch the rotating part of the equipment by hand, and the protective cover can not be removed during the working process of the machine to avoid safety problems such as whiplash and electric shock.

2. Regularly check that the PVC hose production equipment can operate normally, paying special attention to whether there is abnormal sound during the operation of the equipment transmission system and the barrel.

3, pay attention to the details of PVC hose equipment, check the lubrication, temperature control, heating and cooling systems are not in normal operation, there is no leakage.

4. The machine rod can't operate without any material, and it needs to be guaranteed to start at low speed.

5. Before the PVC hose production equipment is used, the barrel should be preheated and kept warm; after use, the tube mold must be opened for cleaning to ensure bright and clean.



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