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PVC Clear Hose pipe summer construction essentials

Time:2018-06-01 17:03:18

1, due to the weather is more likely to cause deformation of the pipe, so in the summer when the storage pipe, the pipe placement height shall not exceed 1.5 meters, and the mouth to be placed alternately.

2. PVC pipes are prone to ageing due to long-term ultraviolet radiation. If the construction is not performed for a short time, the pipe body shall be covered with a shading net in time.

3. During the construction of TS pipes in summer, special attention should be paid to the amount of adhesive. When the temperature is high, the adhesive volatilizes relatively quickly. Immediately after the coating is completed, it should be plugged in. After plugging in, it should be maintained for 30 seconds before moving. TS pipe During the connection process, an expansion joint or looper must be added every 50 meters. After the adhesive is used, the cap should be covered in time to prevent the adhesive from volatilizing due to the high temperature, and affect the adhesive effect when it is used again.

4. During the construction of live casing in summer, due to the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of PVC pipe, there must be a certain reserved space during the connection of the live pipe (about 63mm below 10mm, between 75mm and 110mm). 15mm, Ф140mm-Ф160mm is approximately 20mm, Ф200mm is approximately 25mm).

5. In the summer, there are mostly small animals. When the pipelines are installed, special attention must be paid to the coverage at the nozzles to prevent small animals from entering the pipeline and affecting the pipeline pressure test and normal water flow afterwards.

6. In summer, there is a lot of rainwater. When the construction is completed, it should be backfilled in time to prevent the collapse of the pipe ditch, which will affect the normal construction and damage the pipe body. It will cause unnecessary troubles. In addition, it must be compacted during the backfilling process to prevent voids in the pipe ditch. Causes the pipe body to be uneven in the pressure bearing process and affects the pressure resistance of the pipe.

7. Before pipeline pressure test, install exhaust valve at the beginning, end and highest point of the pipeline. The test pressure length should be 500m. When the pressure is tested, the pressure should be increased slowly and the air must be continuously vented when the desired hydrostatic pressure is reached. When you need to hold pressure for 1 hour, test the water pressure 1.5 times the working pressure.


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