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Special advantages of PVC garden hose

Time:2018-07-02 14:49:09

​High heat-resistance heat-resistant fluid up to 150°C, interior cleaning of food hoses and floor cleaning (conditional)

More suitable for transport at low temperatures Maintains good flexibility even at extremely low temperatures and can be used as filling and conveying hoses

Reduced decomposition operations and clean joints There are several special joints that reduce the decomposition and cleaning of food hoses. It is a hose for hose filling operations.

Compliance with the legal compliance "Food Hygiene Law" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Circular No. 595, Health and Welfare No. 52, No. 52, 1951, No. 52) and FDA specifications can be used with confidence.

Special reinforcement structure, anti-cracking unique reinforcement structure eliminates cable breakage at the edge of the joint and increases reliability

Odorless, odorless] Odorless, solvent free, food and beverage safe.

Easy to confirm the fluid hose is transparent, you can confirm the fluid, use very safe ...

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