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Some notes about PVC Clear Hose

Time:2018-08-08 16:47:39

1. PVC Clear Hose In order to ensure the spiral flow of the spiral tube, the riser cannot communicate with other risers. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt an independent single riser drainage system, which is one of the characteristics of the PVC water supply pipe. Do not be self-defeating, copy the drainage system of the cast iron pipe, add the exhaust pipe in the high-rise building, if the exhaust pipe is added, it wastes the data and destroys the drainage characteristics of the spiral pipe.

2. Use a nut to squeeze the rubber ring sealing joint. This type of joint is a sliding joint that can act as a spring. Therefore, the proper clearance of the pipe after piercing should be considered according to the procedure. Preventing the construction operator from saving energy during the construction, the reserved gap is too large or too small, and the temperature changes at any time in the future, and the pipeline deformation causes leakage.

3. In some high-rise building designs, in order to strengthen the resistance to water flow impact at the bottom of the riser, flexible elbow cast iron pipes are used for the steering elbows and discharge pipes. The outer wall of the plastic pipe pierced into the socket of the cast iron pipe shall be roughened by the construction, and the friction and fastening force of the filler with the caulk shall be added.

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